RGA & DGA will play in #COpolitics in 2018; here’s a look at Coloradans who gave in 2017

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Colorado’s 2018 contest for governor won’t involve just the candidates.

There will be PACs, super PACs and shadowy nonprofits.

But two national powerhouses, the Republican Governors Association and the Democratic Governors Association, may be the biggest outside players when it comes for paying for TV ads, robocalls and mailers come fall.

Some Coloradans are already chipping in to the two groups, giving $478,126 to the DGA and $626,773 to the DGA during 2017.

The donors range from retires to big businesses.

And several donors, including the state’s powerful oil and gas and cannabis industries, are giving to both sides.

The largest donor in 2017 is The Anschutz Corp., which gave $100,000 to the RGA last spring. The company also donated $200,000 to the Colorado Republican Party’s independent spending committee and $45,000 to the Senate Majority Fund last year.

Oil company Encana gave more than $81,000, donating to both the RGA and the DGA. And Extraction Oil and Gas gave $75,000 to the DGA.

And Fearless PAC donated $15,000 to the DGA last July after closing down. It was a leadership PAC affiliated with Rep. Jared Polis, a Boulder Democrat now running for governor.

Here’s a look at the top 10 Colorado donors overall:

Both the DGA and RGA are registered as 527s, a special IRS designation for political groups that take unlimited donations and spend unlimited amounts supporting – or more often attacking – candidates in gubernatorial contests.

They file twice-yearly reports in non-election years, and quarterly plus post-election reports in election years.

In 2010, the DGA joined unions and others to run ads attacking(PDF) the leading candidate in the GOP primary. He narrowly lost.

In 2014, the DGA helped run ads attacking two of the four candidates in the Republican primary.

But mostly, the two organizations spend big on general elections.

Nationally in 2014, the RGA spent nearly $171 million while the DGA spent $98 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

In Colorado, the two groups spent about $6.6 million each in 2014, when Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper won a second term against Republican Bob Beauprez.

The Republican Governor’s Association raised mostly big money from 23 Colorado donors in 2017. The Democratic group received donations from more than 100 Colorado individuals and organizations, with some donations as little as $5.

Here’s a look at the donors to both groups in 2017.

RGALiberty Media CorporationEnglewood$12,500 2/17/17
RGAAssociation Of Dental Support OrganizationsParker$5,000 5/25/17
RGATrujillo Group LlcGreenwood Village$25,000 3/31/17
RGATrujillo Group LlcGreenwood Village$25,000 3/31/17
RGALiberty InteractiveEnglewood$12,500 2/17/17
RGAInnovageDenver$25,000 2/3/17
RGANational Cannabis Industry AssociationDenver$25,000 2/7/17
RGABarry Farah Gaap Solutions LlcColorado Springs$15,000 6/29/17
RGAMonarch InvestmentsFranktown$25,000 5/17/17
RGABridgeforth CapitalBasalt$6,250 6/6/17
RGABridgeforth CapitalBasalt$6,250 6/6/17
RGAPeter CoorsDenver$25,000 2/10/17
RGAThe Anschutz CorporationDenver$100,000 4/7/17
RGAWhiting PetroleumDenver$25,000 6/8/17
RGAJeffrey H. CoorsGolden$25,000 10/5/17
RGAStateside AssociatesWoodland Park$4509/25/17
RGAWilliam E. MayerAspen$25,000 12/21/17
RGAJeffrey H. CoorsGolden$25,000 10/5/17
RGAEncana CorporationDenver$50,000 7/18/17
RGAEms ManagementGreenwood Village$10,000 11/14/17
RGAWhiting PetroleumDenver$25,000 10/3/17
RGABridgeforth CapitalBasalt$6,250 12/12/17
RGAWhiting PetroleumDenver$45010/25/17
RGACh2M Hill Engineers, Inc.Englewood$45010/6/17
RGAWilliam E. MayerAspen$11,121 7/25/17
RGABridgeforth CapitalBasalt$6,250 9/29/17
RGACh2M Hill Engineers, Inc.Englewood$6,500 9/5/17
RGAAssociation Of Dental Support OrganizationsParker$25,000 11/30/17
RGATom Mccloskey -In-KindAspen$6,295 7/25/17
RGACh2M Hill Engineers, Inc.Englewood$3,500 9/26/17
RGAQep Resources, Inc.Denver$25,000 8/11/17
RGAMarkwest Energy Partners, L.P.Denver$45010/12/17
RGANewmont Ventures LimitedGreenwood Village$10,000 8/11/17
RGAHotel Jerome-Vendor RefundAspen$4,407 7/5/17
RGACh2M Hill Engineers, Inc.Englewood$45010/31/17
RGAEncana CorporationDenver$1,350 11/1/17
RGAQep Resources, Inc.Denver$4509/26/17
RGAWilliam E. MayerAspen$25,000 12/21/17
DGAAssociation of Dental Support OrganizationsParker$25,000 3/31/17
DGAThomas HansonDenver$1002/27/17
DGAPat FletcherDenver$1002/8/17
DGAThomas HansonDenver$1002/11/17
DGACh2M Hill Engineers, Inc.Englewood$5,000 4/7/17
DGAMichael NothaftFlorissant$503/19/17
DGAMarian LindvallDenver$2175/30/17
DGAHerschel RamseyParker$1002/9/17
DGAOliver NickelsColorado Springs$505/9/17
DGANancy G LeeCortez$1006/22/17
DGADonnie RountreeColorado Springs$2503/24/17
DGAHerschel RamseyParker$1003/26/17
DGANan M. PhiferBoulder$1004/10/17
DGAOliver NickelsColorado Springs$256/25/17
DGAHerschel RamseyParker$1005/30/17
DGAMichael QuintanaLoveland$501/23/17
DGAPublic Interest PACDenver$25,000 5/16/17
DGAHerschel RamseyParker$1001/19/17
DGAMichael NothaftFlorissant$53/22/17
DGAPhilip FriederDenver$2002/24/17
DGAOliver NickelsColorado Springs$502/9/17
DGARichard D BlinneFort Collins$2506/6/17
DGAHerschel RamseyParker$1004/20/17
DGAMichael J. StrattonLittleton$1,000 2/28/17
DGANan M. PhiferBoulder$251/24/17
DGAOliver NickelsColorado Springs$206/15/17
DGAExtraction Oil Gas LLCDenver$75,000 6/6/17
DGALaurie LeeBoulder$1,000 1/8/17
DGANan M. PhiferBoulder$1002/27/17
DGAMichael NothaftFlorissant$503/19/17
DGAMiriam BrodskyDenver$363/2/17
DGAMichael NothaftFlorissant$1003/16/17
DGANancy G LeeCortez$1002/27/17
DGAHewlett-Packard CompanyColorado Springs$25,000 5/30/17
DGAMiriam BrodskyDenver$2006/15/17
DGAOliver NickelsColorado Springs$1006/6/17
DGANan M. PhiferBoulder$505/16/17
DGAJeanne W. EisenstadtLoveland$2505/31/17
DGAWendy RudolphEdwards$2505/8/17
DGAMichael QuintanaLoveland$503/23/17
DGAMolly NavettaDenver$2002/15/17
DGAMary F CahillWheat Ridge$1504/6/17
DGACharles FryParker$2006/6/17
DGAPat FletcherDenver$1001/19/17
DGANational Cannabis Industry AssociationDenver$3503/30/17
DGAOliver NickelsColorado Springs$253/7/17
DGARhondda GantDenver$2006/16/17
DGAMary F CahillWheat Ridge$1006/12/17
DGAJeanne W. EisenstadtLoveland$2002/22/17
DGAHerschel RamseyParker$1006/28/17
DGABrownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLPDenver$10,000 5/18/17
DGAMichael QuintanaLoveland$504/23/17
DGAMichael QuintanaLoveland$502/23/17
DGAMichael QuintanaLoveland$506/23/17
DGAJean RiddellParker$5005/9/17
DGAJean RiddellParker$1006/26/17
DGAHewlett-Packard CompanyColorado Springs$3506/21/17
DGAAmy DorseyVail$15011/2/17
DGAJudith FisherCarbondale$10010/26/17
DGATracy L HalgrenBoulder$10010/27/17
DGAAnn G HayesBoulder$3007/14/17
DGAPatricia BilligBoulder$1009/13/17
DGAWestern Union Financial Services, Inc.Greenwood Village$10,000 8/22/17
DGAOlivia HansenCherry Hills Villa$2507/7/17
DGASteve BacharDenver$2508/1/17
DGANoble Energy, Inc.Denver$50,000 9/25/17
DGAEncana CorporationDenver$5,000 12/29/17
DGAMichael QuintanaLoveland$507/23/17
DGAA GarstangBoulder$2508/17/17
DGAJudith FisherCarbondale$10011/26/17
DGATed Barrett-PageBoulder$2510/20/17
DGAMarcey L OlajosDurango$2008/28/17
DGAMargo D BrownLongmont$5010/25/17
DGAMargo D BrownLongmont$5010/3/17
DGAEdee WorthCentennial$2512/20/17
DGATotal Community Options IncDenver$25,000 8/4/17
DGASara R BeauchampColorado Springs$208/23/17
DGATina WallsDenver$1,000 8/1/17
DGAEncana CorporationDenver$25,000 7/18/17
DGATed Barrett-PageBoulder$257/20/17
DGAMyrtis E JohnsonPueblo$507/14/17
DGASara R BeauchampColorado Springs$107/6/17
DGAKim BimesteferParker$5007/15/17
DGATracy L HalgrenBoulder$1758/23/17
DGAEsther BeynonColorado Spgs$5008/9/17
DGAYvonne HedmanArvada$258/14/17
DGAMarley HodgsonCrawford$50012/14/17
DGAEdee WorthCentennial$258/20/17
DGAYvonne HedmanArvada$2511/14/17
DGAArleta CarrGrand Junction$10011/27/17
DGAOliver WolcottDenver$50011/14/17
DGAEdee WorthCentennial$258/26/17
DGAAmy DorseyVail$15011/2/17
DGAJessica BondyDenver$20011/21/17
DGAJudith FisherCarbondale$10010/26/17
DGAAssociation of Dental Support OrganizationsParker$35011/1/17
DGAOliver NickelsColorado Springs$6010/10/17
DGAMichael QuintanaLoveland$5010/23/17
DGAJohn E LeritzCentennial$10011/14/17
DGAKeith D KohnenBoulder$1007/14/17
DGARhondda GantDenver$5007/27/17
DGAHjalmar S SundinGlenwood Springs$1008/23/17
DGAYvonne HedmanArvada$259/12/17
DGAOliver NickelsColorado Springs$508/8/17
DGALaurie LeeBoulder$1,000 11/1/17
DGABarbara GroganDenver$5007/26/17
DGAJudith FisherCarbondale$1007/26/17
DGAArleta CarrGrand Junction$2009/21/17
DGALaurie LeeBoulder$1,000 10/11/17
DGAMargo D BrownLongmont$5010/23/17
DGACh2M Hill Engineers, Inc.Englewood$5,000 9/6/17
DGAMaryanne RollerDenver$15010/18/17
DGAArcadis Design ConsultancyHighlands Ranch$2,000 8/2/17
DGAYvonne HedmanArvada$2512/18/17
DGAZee FerrufinoDenver$2508/8/17
DGAJonah M StallerEnglewood$5008/8/17
DGANational Cannabis Industry AssociationDenver$25,000 8/1/17
DGAHerschel RamseyParker$10012/26/17
DGAHerschel RamseyParker$1009/20/17
DGAHelen B DuncanBuena Vista$1009/12/17
DGATed Barrett-PageBoulder$2511/20/17
DGAArcadis Design ConsultancyHighlands Ranch$5,000 10/25/17
DGAJudith FisherCarbondale$1009/26/17
DGAJohn E LeritzCentennial$10012/14/17
DGAMiriam BrodskyDenver$1009/28/17
DGASacha MillstoneBoulder$5007/31/17
DGAHerschel RamseyParker$10010/10/17
DGAJane MorrisonRidgway$257/17/17
DGAMichele Parish ZunigaLongmont$257/31/17
DGAMiriam BrodskyDenver$10011/9/17
DGARichard M BorchersDenver$25011/1/17
DGATed Barrett-PageBoulder$2512/20/17
DGAMichael QuintanaLoveland$5012/29/17
DGATim GillDenver$25,000 8/14/17
DGAMiriam BrodskyDenver$10010/17/17
DGAJane MorrisonRidgway$259/17/17
DGARobert ContigugliaDenver$10012/18/17
DGAWilliam FayCherry Hills Villa$2008/23/17
DGAMary Kay HoganDenver$1,000 10/19/17
DGAYvonne HedmanArvada$2510/10/17
DGARoss E FryerFort Collins$10011/9/17
DGABruce BergerAspen$20012/19/17
DGAMichael QuintanaLoveland$509/23/17
DGACharles L EhrenpreisDenver$508/28/17
DGAChristopher H IsenseeDurango$10010/23/17
DGACharles A BennettBayfield$1008/24/17
DGAJudson D CaryDenver$2507/26/17
DGATara PowersBoulder$10011/1/17
DGAEdee WorthCentennial$2511/20/17
DGABruce BergerAspen$10010/30/17
DGASandra G BrynoffAurora$2509/28/17
DGAWestern Union Financial Services, Inc.Greenwood Village$5,000 12/21/17
DGAJohn GoldsmithBoulder$5,000 7/14/17
DGAJane McConnellBoulder$1,000 7/20/17
DGAEdee WorthCentennial$257/20/17
DGADISH NetworkEnglewood$25,000 8/1/17
DGAOliver NickelsColorado Springs$5011/9/17
DGAHerschel RamseyParker$1008/14/17
DGASara R BeauchampColorado Springs$208/9/17
DGAHewlett-Packard CompanyColorado Springs$35012/14/17
DGASara R BeauchampColorado Springs$208/9/17
DGASara R BeauchampColorado Springs$1011/15/17
DGAConstance ZybkoFort Collins$2509/29/17
DGAMary Kay HoganDenver$2508/8/17
DGAArleta CarrGrand Junction$2008/23/17
DGAJudith FisherCarbondale$10012/26/17
DGAPhilip NelsonGolden$20011/14/17
DGACharles A BennettBayfield$1007/21/17
DGASara R BeauchampColorado Springs$207/12/17
DGAAmy DorseyVail$1009/13/17
DGASara R BeauchampColorado Springs$108/9/17
DGAJames L. WarnerFort Collins$20010/11/17
DGANoble Energy, Inc.Denver$5,000 11/28/17
DGACarol LassenDenver$507/18/17
DGAYvonne HedmanArvada$257/11/17
DGARussell KempEnglewood$2508/1/17
DGAMichael QuintanaLoveland$508/23/17
DGAArleta CarrGrand Junction$20010/24/17
DGAFreestone Strategies LLCDenver$1,000 8/8/17
DGACh2M Hill Engineers, Inc.Englewood$10,000 11/2/17
DGAMargaret LansverkWindsor$2509/13/17
DGANewmont Ventures LimitedGreenwood Village$10,000 8/11/17
DGAJeff BridgesGreenwood Village$2508/2/17
DGASabrina HuffakerBoulder$5009/12/17
DGACarol LassenDenver$509/12/17
DGATerry MingerBoulder$5007/27/17
DGADaniel YohannesEnglewood$2508/1/17
DGAEdee WorthCentennial$2510/20/17
DGAAlfred KovalcikPalisade$1009/26/17
DGAJane MorrisonRidgway$2511/17/17
DGAChristopher H IsenseeDurango$10010/21/17
DGACharles L EhrenpreisDenver$5011/28/17
DGAMiriam BrodskyDenver$1007/13/17
DGADavid G CorbinBasalt$1008/3/17
DGACharles L EhrenpreisDenver$5011/14/17
DGAOliver NickelsColorado Springs$759/12/17
DGASara R BeauchampColorado Springs$1010/3/17
DGAMarjorie A GibsonCedaredge$15811/22/17
DGABrad CameronDenver$10012/21/17
DGAOlivia HansenCherry Hills Villa$50010/24/17
DGAMichael QuintanaLoveland$5011/23/17
DGATara PowersBoulder$5010/29/17
DGABarbara BridgesGreenwood Village$5008/1/17
DGAPatricia BilligBoulder$10010/11/17
DGAJean WalkerBoulder$7510/26/17
DGAScott JamesLoveland$50011/7/17
DGABruce BergerAspen$20010/11/17
DGAJeanne W. EisenstadtLoveland$20011/1/17
DGAFran WeaverDenver$50010/3/17
DGAHerschel RamseyParker$10012/2/17
DGACharles L EhrenpreisDenver$509/26/17
DGAYvonne HedmanArvada$258/7/17
DGAHelen B DuncanBuena Vista$1007/11/17
DGAMaria LloydLoveland$1,000 12/12/17
DGAJane MorrisonRidgway$2512/17/17
DGARichard SapkinDenver$2508/8/17
DGAPatricia A HobbsLamar$1008/1/17
DGALevel 3 Communications, LLCWestminster$25,000 10/6/17
DGAMichele Parish ZunigaLongmont$57/27/17
DGAKeith D KohnenBoulder$5010/19/17
DGAJean WalkerBoulder$1258/23/17
DGAEdee WorthCentennial$59/4/17
DGAJean WalkerBoulder$1259/12/17
DGAJane MorrisonRidgway$2510/17/17
DGANan M. PhiferBoulder$2007/5/17
DGAJane MorrisonRidgway$258/17/17
DGAMarie H HaysBroomfield$10011/2/17
DGAFearless PACBoulder$15,000 7/20/17
DGAEdee WorthCentennial$259/20/17
DGATara PowersBoulder$10010/25/17
DGATed Barrett-PageBoulder$258/20/17

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