#COpolitics campaign cash, January 2018 edition

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Year-end reports of campaign contributions and spending are due for Colorado candidates today.

The reports cover the period from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, 2017.

#COpolitics will keep tabs on the filings with periodic updates and observations throughout the day.

Here are some highlights the morning after:

  • Eleven candidates for governor have raised nearly $10.5 million thus far.
  • But $5.4 million of that comes from their own pockets. These are wealthy folks.
  • The crowded treasurer’s race now has a front-runner in fundraising.
  • The frontrunner in the contest for attorney general remains the same.
Governor’s race

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis has now put nearly $1.4 million in his campaign, nearly half of that in the final three months of 2017. He ended the quarter with nearly $367,ooo.

Treasurer Walker Stapleton dominates the GOP field with more than $1 million. Of course, a quarter of that is his own cash.

Former Democratic state Sen. Michael Johnston raised about $255,000 in the last three months of the year, and still has more than $732,000 in the bank. His total haul of $1.5 million looks good, considering he isn’t putting his own money into the campaign.

Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne raised more than $300,000 for her Democratic primary bid, with nearly $452,00 in the bank. That includes $60,ooo of her own cash.

Democrat Cary Kennedy brought in almost $277,000, and ends the year with $285,000.

Tom Tancredo, former congressman and two-time gubernatorial candidate, raised less than $75,000 in his first three months as a Republican candidate.

Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, in her first quarter running for governor outdid Tancredo by $25,000. But nearly $15,000 of her $100,000 came from her old AG account.

Millionaire businessman Victor Mitchell still has more than $2 million in the bank  – most of it from his own pockets. But he only raised a little more than $5,000 (and he gave $625 back), while spending nearly $148,000 during the same period.

Democratic entrepreneur Noel Ginsberg put another $190,000 into his campaign, bringing his investment to more than $340,000.

And Republican Doug Robinson, a nephew of Mitt Romney, has now loaned his campaign $300,000, raising about $78,000 in the final quarter of the year.

Attorney general

Democratic candidate Phil Weiser continues his pace for this open seat with more than $282,000 in the fourth quarter for a 2017 total of more than $1 million, and nearly $900,000 in the bank.

Republican George Brauchler transferred $118,000 from his abandoned gubernatorial bid and added another $100,000 in contributions, and ended the year with $206,000 in the bank.

Treasurer’s race

UPDATED after Watson amended his report: Republican treasurer candidate Brian Watson, a real estate investor, comes in with more than $214,000 raised in the last three months of 2017, including $35,000 of his own cash. He’s one of five GOP and four Democratic candidates competing to replace Walker Stapleton, who is running for governor.

Watson’s donor list includes former GOP candidates Wil Armstrong, Robert Blaha, Terry Considine, Steve House and Peter Coors.

GOP State Rep. Polly Lawrence brought in more than $55,000, and has $88,000 in cash.

Democratic Rep. Dave Young raised $35,000 after entering the contest in late October.

Meanwhile, Democratic Rep. Steve Lebsock raised only $1,025, all of it before allegations that he sexually harassed women in his role as a lawmaker.

And Republican Routt County Treasurer Britta Horn, who is facing criticism in her current job, raised about $9,300.

But Horn bettered state Sen. Kevin Lundberg, who raised less than $7,500, and (UPDATED after he filed an amendmenrt) state Rep. Justin Everett who raised $5,386.23.

Secretary of State

Incumbent GOP Secretary of State raised about $15,000 in the last quarter of 2017 and ended the year with about $61,000 in the bank.

Democratic candidate Jena Griswold raised five times as much as Williams, and has more than $114,000 in cash.


Better Colorado Now, the independent spending committee supporting Stapleton, reports raising $33,200, while spending nearly $12,000. That leaves nearly $738,000 in the bank.

Frontier Fairness PAC, the committee presumed to be backing former state Sen. Michael Johnston in the Democratic governor’s race, raised $100,000 in the past three months, and has $257,000 in the bank.

The new cash came from Eric and Sara Resnick of Vail. He’s the CEO of KSL Capital Partners, an investment firm focused on travel and leisure that helped Aspen Ski Co. buy Steamboat and several other resorts last year.

OfficeCandidatePartyRaised Oct. 1 - Dec. 31, 2017Total RaisedTotal SpentCash on handLoans/self-funding
GovernorCynthia CoffmanRepublican$100,008.65$100,008.65$14,593.06$85,415.59
GovernorLew GaiterRepublican$290$11,111.27$9,377.89$713.58$7010
GovernorNoel GinsburgDemocrat$225,421.13$698,797.97$474,016.09$223,733.30$340,136.23
GovernorMichael JohnstonDemocrat$254,915.13$1,520,183.11$787,783.35$732,399.76
GovernorCary KennedyDemocrat$276,905.65$853,085.45$557,207.45$285,642.39
GovernorDonna LynneDemocrat$300,557.29$685,467.34$233,561.81$451,925.47$61,150.00
GovernorVictor MitchellRepublican$5,246.36$31,491.43$863,837.64$2,175,432.92$3,007,700.97
GovernorJared PolisDemocrat$803,461.49$1,534,817.33$1,168,304.86$366,512.47$1,382,082.10
GovernorDoug RobinsonRepublican$77,814.1$360,763.10$230,969.11$429,794.07$300,000
GovernorWalker StapletonRepublican$1,015,266.49$1,023,297.49$158,647.31$874,650.18$279,566.21
GovernorTom TancredoRepublican$74,480.33$74,480.33$11,484.09$62,996.24
Attorney GeneralGeorge BrauchlerRepublican$218,091.45$218,091.45$10,405.27$206,536.18
Attorney GeneralMichael DoughertyDemocrat$18,673.12$138,716.72$79,945.04$57,393.68
Attorney GeneralBrad LevinDemocrat
Attorney GeneralAmy PaddenDemocrat$40,805.00$111,198.39$19,168.02$92,130.37$6,525
Attorney GeneralJoe SalazarDemocrat$24,523.85$58,138.47$49,016.54$8,921.93
Attorney GeneralPhil WeiserDemocrat$282,381.59$1,044,909.51$127,056.07$897,715.72
Secretary of StateJena GriswoldDemocrat$75,054.17$165,000.02$46,820.37$114,537.80
secretary of StateGabriel McArthurDemocrat
Secretary of StateWayne WilliamsRepublican$15,061$95,290.36$35,356.26$60,938.58
Secretary of StatePhillip VillardDemocrat$724.24$724.24$524.24$200$524.24
TreasurerBrett BarkeyRepublican$14,254.16$30,442.44$29,321.73$1,120.71$20,215.00
TreasurerBernard DouthitDemocrat$10,525$20,720$12,348.69$27,621.31$20,000
TreasurerJustin EverettRepublican$5,386.23$28,435.16$4,789.25$26,460.48
TreasurerBrita HornRepublican$9,285.00$38,204.00$20,668.55$17,535.45
TreasurerPolly LawrenceRepublican$55,989.75$147,075.85$176,318.52$88,307.58
TreasurerSteve LebsockDemocrat$1,025.00$42,599.48$17882.02$9,311.72
TreasurerKevin LundbergRepublican$7,464.63$27,990.80$8,759.57$15,231.23
TreasurerCharles ScheibeDemocrat $30,723.99 $30,723.99 $28,185.85 $2,538.14 $29,185.85
TreasurerBrian WatsonRepublican$218,164.95$218,164.95$25,682.68$188,997.32$18,203.55
TreasurerDavid YoungDemocrat$35,604.9$35,604.9$4,334.2$31,270.70

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