#COpolitics Senate 2017 fundraising: $1M and counting

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Time to take a look at fundraising for the 17 Senate seats in play during the June 26 primary and Nov. 6 general election.

Thus far, 36 candidates have raised more than $1 million. They’ve spent about 30 percent of that. And nine candidates have loaned their campaigns nearly $68,000.

Here are four of the hottest districts when it comes to cash:

  • Senate District 32: The six Denver Democrats vying to succeed term-limited Sen. Irene Aguilar have raised more than $202,000 altogether, and spent only about $35,000. But one candidate, Zach Neumann accounts for nearly $110,000 of that cash, while Robert Rodriguez has raised nearly $67,000. They’re among three candidates signed up to petition on to the ballot.
  • Senate District 16: Incumbent GOP Sen. Tim Neville, with about $83,000 taken in since 2015, is being narrowly outraised by Democratic challenger Tammy Story thus far. She’s raised nearly $86,000 since last May. Unafiliated voters make up 38 percent of this Jefferson County district.
  • Senate District 24: Democratic State Rep. Faith Winter, of Westminster, has raised more than $92,000 to incumbent GOP Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik’s nearly $47,000. And Martinez Humenik has spent a good share of that, unlike Winter. Unaffiliated challenger Adam Matkowsky has raised less than $6,000.
  • Senate District 34: Three of the five Democrats seeking to replace Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman have loaned $45,000 total to their campaigns. The five Denver candidates have raised about $56,000 total. And all five filed to petition on to the ballot.

These candidates and others can expect assistance from outside groups. The Senate Majority Fund raised $1 million in 2017 to support Republican candidates. The Senate Democratic committee, Coloradans for Fairness, raised less than half that.

And here’s a table of what candidates have raised, spent and loaned to their campaigns. Those marked with an asterisk are incumbents, most of whom began raising money in 2015.

Senate District 01RepublicanJerry Sonnenberg*$7,300$40,876.36
Senate District 02RepublicanDennis Charles Hisey $18,581.25 $7,379.47
Senate District 02RepublicanStephanie Luck$324.49$394.49$450.00
Senate District 03DemocraticLeroy Garcia Jr.* $69,255.46 $20,186.85
Senate District 05DemocraticKerry Donovan* $60,354.22 $14,118.37
Senate District 06RepublicanDon Coram* $10,079.18 $4,240.20
Senate District 07RepublicanRay Scott* $10,875.00 $17,064.05
Senate District 09RepublicanPaul Lundeen $39,299.03 $10,376.67
Senate District 11DemocraticSanford Edmund Lee $40,475.58 $1,291.95
Senate District 11RepublicanPatrick Mcintire $4,761.80 $1,446.41 $900.00
Senate District 15DemocraticRebecca Cranston $7,322.00 $761.15
Senate District 15RepublicanNicholas Grant Morse $1,761.00 $88.80
Senate District 15DemocraticRalph Hiram Trenary Iii $2,810.00 $4,509.82 $3,000.00
Senate District 15RepublicanRob Woodward $37,061.43 $15,582.44
Senate District 16RepublicanTimothy Patrick Neville* $82,972.22 $9,927.60
Senate District 16DemocraticTammy Story $85,806.99 $7,135.34
Senate District 20DemocraticJessie Danielson* $46,519.68 $5,283.59
Senate District 20RepublicanChristine Jensen $25,593.82 $9,677.96 $15,670.00
Senate District 22DemocraticKaren Kellen $12,797.67 $5,011.24 $850.00
Senate District 22DemocraticBrittany Pettersen $28,778.00 $2,379.08
Senate District 22RepublicanRomualdo Anthony Sanchez $31,894.59 $9,367.65
Senate District 24RepublicanBeth Martinez Humenik* $46,525.18 $27,377.92
Senate District 24UnaffiliatedAdam Matkowsky $5,048.00 $2,784.92
Senate District 24DemocraticFaith Kjersteina Winter $92,369.90 $7,049.08
Senate District 30RepublicanChris Holbert* $45,611.67 $31,561.05
Senate District 32DemocraticHazel Gibson $15,821.50 $7,722.41
Senate District 32DemocraticZach Neumann $109,830.83 $14,443.84
Senate District 32DemocraticRobert Rodriguez $66,500.35 $11,233.90
Senate District 32DemocraticPeter Lucas Smith $7,320.00 $425.81
Senate District 32DemocraticRisa White $2,204.63 $610.80
Senate District 32DemocraticMichael Lance Wright$400.00$521.15 $2,100.00
Senate District 34DemocraticJennifer Voigt Calderone $2,470.00 $1,773.77 $10,000.00
Senate District 34DemocraticJulia C Gonzales $28,964.71 $7,344.48
Senate District 34DemocraticAlan Kennedy-Shaffer $17,985.89 $5,942.45 $15,000.00
Senate District 34DemocraticEdward Milo" Schwab" $3,311.41 $727.32
Senate District 34DemocraticJonah Weiss $3,365.26 $116.15 $20,000.00

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