#COpolitics primary: The gender divide

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One of these moments today, i’ll grab a pen and vote.

In preparation, i took a look at the two ballots i received in the mail.

On the Republican side, there was one woman among the 13 candidates in eight contests. That’s state Rep. Polly Lawrence, who’s one of three GOP candidates for state treasurer and the only Republican woman running statewide.

On the Democratic side, nine of the 18 candidates in those eight contests were women.

So i decided to do some calculations on the gender of the 235 candidates in 98 contests on the primary ballot for Congress, statewide offices and legislature.

Here are the results.

The parity of women candidates in the Democratic Party follows national trends in the midterm election.

“Women make up 23 percent of nonincumbents running for congressional seats in 2018 compared to 16 percent in the previous two cycles,” according to the Brookings Institute.

Of those women, 80 percent are Democrats.

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